Why Vape Pens are so Expensive?

That’s like asking “why is Airbnb so costly?” Sure, it is some money, however if you simply compare that towards the cost of the average Hotel you’ll find that Airbnb actually is a lot cheaper. In this scenario Vape Pens are just like Airbnb and Cigarettes are the Hotels. If you are accustomed to spend loads of cash on “Hotel Rooms” each week, and out of the blue “Airbnb” arrives and provides you ...

Things to Know About Your E-liquids

If you’re new to vape pens and e-liquids (the flavored solutions mostly nicotine which is often used to fill the electronic cigarette) or need to know much more about how things work then you are in the right place. What are E-liquids made of? The primary ingredients in most of the E-liquids presently available on the market are nicotine, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and ma...

Benefits of Vaping Wax Concentrates

The health advantages of medical cannabis, whether in flower, oil, or wax form, are now being verified by a growing number of professional health specialists. As per state legislation suit, patients with chronic health conditions are given the choice of using cannabis to ease signs and symptoms. Many of the recreational users are also taking this route.   What is wax? This is just a cannabis conce...

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