How to Clean Your Vape Pen?

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 The most important thing to consider when you crave that pure and flavorful vapor every time out of your vape pen: keep it clean and well-maintained.

In reality, the vapor quality you receive does not always rely on the type or quality of the vape pen you use.

But if you don’t like spending too much time to clean your vape pen, take it easy, as pen-style vaporizers are the simplest handle due to their small, lightweight design.

Owning a vaporizer pen is like having prospering relationship with it. As it offers you the fun, the highs and that heavenly feeling of fresh vaping, then take proper care of it in return, so that it stays in such a form for a long time.


Then think about your health and safety.

After a period of vaping, a sticky residue builds up inside the cartridge or herb chamber, and it must be cleaned to clear the pathway. Also, as the heating element gets clogged, it could compromise your device’s performance and can also make the vaporizer unsafe for vaping.

Here are the guidelines we’ve prepared that will help you keep your vape pen shiny and new with optimal functionality.

How to get the best performance from your vape pen?

Cleaning your dry herb vape pen

Although vaporizing ground herbs could be a little messy, cleaning the vape pen after use is the simplest to thing to do. Compared to concentrate vape pens, there’s less sticky residue in your dry herb vape pen.

Follows these steps to clean your dry herb vape pen after use:

#1: unscrew the heating chamber and empty it by gently tapping the contents out.

#2: By using a cleaning brush (which often comes in the product package), remove dry particles in the chamber and also the screen. Never use water to wash these parts since the device includes compact wirings inside.

#3: Wipe the exterior with a cotton cloth as well as clean the mouthpiece with flowing water.

#4: When finished, screw the chamber connector to fit with the heating chamber.

#5: As you screw the pieces together, turn on the unit by pressing the micro button 5-6 times in quick session.


After all, cleaning your dry herb vape pen is definitely simple and easy.




Cleaning your oil or wax vape pen

Wax and oil pen vapes can be the hardest to clean due to the rather sticky residues. But when you follow the right procedure, it all gets easy as you do it regularly.

Follows these steps to clean your wax or oil vape pen:

#1: Separate the mouthpiece as you open the chamber.

#2: Then with a Q-tip, dab tool (if it comes with the package), or perhaps a cotton bud drizzled with isopropyl alcohol, rub the rim and also the inner lining from the chamber and also the mouthpiece.

#3: Repeat the process until no residue is left. Try not to put excessive pressure around the heating coil or you might risk damaging it.

#4: When you’re done, screw or fix the chamber connector with the heating chamber and then turn on the unit by pressing the micro button 5-6 times in quick session.

#5: Now your machine is clean and ready to vape again!



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