5 Reasons to Vape Weed Instead of Smoking It

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The advantages of vaporizing rather than smoking a cigarette are well documented, and even though smoking weed isn’t as harmful as smoking, there are also many good reasons for even an occasional stoner to think about switching to vaporizing weed from smoking it.


So if you reside in a State where the weed is bountiful (and, ehm, legal), listed here are five reasons why you need to consider switching from smoking to vaping.


  1. It’s Better For Your Health

 Even though many pro-cannabis advocates site the research that states smoking cannabis is not proven to affect the lungs (and can even assist in preventing lung cancer), it’s certain that smoking anything isn’t good your health.

The combustion of cannabis still produces several known carcinogens and tar, which irritates the lung area and may result in chronic bronchitis. Vaporizers were mainly made to overcome this problem. When you heat cannabis in a lesser temperature than combustion, your device will provide a vapor that carries all the required active medical ingredients present in cannabis (cannabinoids), while it reduces any dangerous by-products.

Vaporizing cannabis is stated to get rid of roughly 95 % from the smoke that’s inhaled. In addition to this, vaporizing is recommended to improve the yield of anti-inflammatory terpenoids that saves your lungs from irritation.


  1. It’s Discreet

Although some vape pens emit an obvious vapor and smell, generally, vaporizer pens, and considering their appearence, tend to be more discreet than lighting up a joint or perhaps a one-hitter in public places. Even the smell of cannabis remains, a vape pen can be used with a much lesser fuss or cloud. For those who have a vape pen that utilizes oil or wax, good for you that you are in stealth mode (Which could really prove useful at concerts.)


  1. You’ll Taste More Flavored Notes

Although many may feel that vaporized weed tastes like some burnt popcorn (but that happens only when you burn it to crisp), But in reality, with a vape pen you can really taste the “flavor notes” of cannabis more. Likely because you are not burning the weed to some carcinogen crisp, it simply tastes much cleaner, clearer, and yummier

 Medicinale cannabis in de verbrandingskamer van pen vaporizer

  1. Vape Pens Are Cost-Effective

Although some vapes are a preliminary investment, (though others can cost you less than $40), vaping helps you save cash in the long term, since you have to burn a smaller amount of it just to get high. According to recent studies vaporizers could convert 46%t of accessible THC into vapor, whereas a typical cannabis joint converts less than 25% of THC.

If you are looking for a way to save even more cash, you may even make use of your leftovers (or “the duff,”) to prepare some edibles. You will need about two times more of the duff to make a strong recipe, also it won’t be that tasty – however, leave no trace, right?


  1. It Gets You Really High

That’s the real point, right? Even if you feel like you have to take more puffs and also the process of getting high might seem a little delayed when using a vape pen, you’ll soon find out that the effects are pack with a real punch.



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