Replacement Batteries for Vape Pens/ Vaporizers

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It’s really the most crucial questions someone can ask before vaping on any new device. All personal vape pens utilize high discharge lithium batteries. These batteries are probably your device’s most crucial part. When handled correctly they’re quite safe but when mishandled they could be harmful (particularly in an analog vape pens). Below you’ll find all you need to know to pick the best battery for your vape pens.

Battery Size

Most vape pens will only use the particular sized battery it is supposed to use, also it is strongly suggested to make use of just the size specified for your vape pen. So, yes the size of your battery matters. In some cases, it may seem like you can stack multiple smaller sized batteries to fit in your device. But this could be really dangerous and can also damage your device.

Do Brands matter?

Absolutely, utilizing an authentic battery from a trustworthy brand will make sure your battery operates securely as per specifications. Your safety matters, therefore we recommend some of the trusted brands: The new Samsung, Sony, NEXUS, Efest, and Orbtronic. Other trustworthy brands include MXJO, MNKE, EH, Panasonic, LG, and AW . Using cheap quality batteries not only risk damaging your vape pen, but also can potentially injure you and others around. So, a little extra investment on a quality battery can help you save lots of money and headache over time.

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What are the Battery Types and Which One to Use?

There are a variety of lithium batteries currently available only that allow secure vapimg. Often the three primary types are IMR (LiMn), ICR (LiCoO2 or LiCd), and Hybrid. It has been determined that IMR batteries use safer chemistry than ICR’s. For this reason ICR’s are generally offered with protection circuits. Typically IMR batteries lack protection circuits and can allow greater amperage discharge rates when compared with ICR’s and therefore are a lot more appropriate for low resistance builds or mechanical devices. ICR’s although usually rated for better storage capacity (mAh) are not so good at securely providing the amperage required for high power, low resistance, or mechanical devices.

. Hybrid devices are known use a “safer” chemistry than your regular IMR battery and keeping a bit of the IMR’s elevated storage capacity as well. For safety’s sake we advise using either an IMR or Hybrid battery unless of course your device particularly instructs you to employ a particular battery type.


Battery tips and tricks

  • Always carry batteries in your device or in a battery case.
  • Never keep your batteries close to metallic objects.
  • Keep the batteries away from water and keep them dry.
  • Never let your batteries get exposed to an open flame.
  • DO NOT USE your if the wrapper gets damaged.
  • Do not over discharge or overcharge your batteries.
  • Do not expose your battery extreme temperatures, cold or heat.
  •  Recycle dead batteries responsibly. It’s illegal in the U.S. to dispose batteries in any household trash. Many stores as well as communities practice proper recycling programs.


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