Using the Correct Temperature in Your Cannabis Vaporizer

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Nowadays, it’s become a common understanding that vaporizing may be the healthiest method to consume cannabis. What’s less popular is the role the temperature that playsan important role in determining the quality of your vaping experience.

Using the correct temperature to heat cannabis ensures efficient vaporization of cannabinoids and terpenes, leading to optimal recreational and medicinal effects.

Ideal Temperature for Vaping

The ideal temperature is resides between 347 to 392°F (175 to 200°C) for heating cannabis. However, a recent study showed that different cannabis vaporizers that used 410°F as a set point, has shown pretty good efficiency in vaporizing cannabis.  

In general, 410°F can be used as the best balance for vaporizing cannabinoids and terpenes efficiently and produce a smooth vapor.

High vs. Low Temperatures

When you vaporize cannabis at temperatures below 356°F (180°C), mostly terpenes will be available to inhale because cannabinoids does not evaporate at low temperatures. But lower temperatures could be well suited for individuals who would like a less intense effect and more effect high.


Higher temperatures have a tendency to yield more cannabinoids, according to a study of researchers from the Netherlands has proved.

In one experiment, it only yielded 24 percent of cannabinoids when heated at a temperature of 338°F (170°C). However, it jumped to 77 percent when the vaporizer temperature was raised to 446°F (230°C). According to studies, this temperature works well enough for the best extraction of THC, although a healthier option avails at lower temperatures.

Users should be careful to not vaporize above 455°F (235°C) as this might make the vapor harsh or even burn. If that happens, you are getting the same toxic compounds that you get when smoking.

Vaporizing CBD and THC

Even though some users may attempt to adjust the vaporizing temperature in order to get more effective results of CBD or THC, it’s unlikely to make a visible difference.

These two cannabinoids have boiling points with a difference of only 18°F (10°C) and such accuracy is not offered in most of the vaporizers. If you are seek to separate CBD from THC, it would be much better to control those in your cannabis sample rather than trying it with any difference in volatility.

Therefore, it’s much simpler for users to vaporize around 410°F (210°C) for effective vaping of both cannabinoids, rather than bothering themselves with two temperatures.

Other Things to Consider

Although there are specific ranges of temperature specially recommended for beginners, there are a few additional factors that may affect the ideal temperature of vaporization. For example, consider the the moisture content from the cannabis. After all, as the vaporizer heats your cannabis, the remaining water in it is the first thing to boil.

Another consideration is the type of your vaporizer. For instance, convection-style vaporizers (like the Volcano along with other desktop models) could be more effective because heat is transferred more directly. However, they may also evaporate cannabis even if you’re not inhaling.

Moreover, cheaply quality vaporizers (also some unoriginal models) tend to have hotspots, making it difficult to maintain a consistent temperature and are even considered dangerous.




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