Does Vaping Actually Helps to Quit Smoking?

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Does Vaping Actually Help Quit Smoking?

As the vaping industry keeps growing, many mainstream publications have conceded about the evidence that vaping may be good at helping people quit smoking. We’ve known this for a while. Once more, let’s allow the evidence speak by itself:

In a recent survey, a group of participants were examined; out of them 72 percent were former smokers, and 76 percent were vaping regularly. At baseline, current users were given to vape for three continuous weeks, recording 150 puffs each day with their vaporizer while refilling fluids contained 16 mg/ml of nicotine, typically. The majority of the daily vapers at baseline held on to vaping daily after 30 days (98 percent). Among individuals who were newly introduced to vaping daily for that time, 93 percent held on to vaping daily after 30 days, and 81 percent after twelve months. For the daily vapers, the amount of puffs each day continued to stay the same between baseline and the year. Former smokers that have been vaping reqularly at baseline, out of them, 6 percent had relapsed to smoking after 30 days and another other 6 percent after twelve months.


Smokers that were not planning to quit

In a worldwide survey of current, former, or non vapers, 72 percent of users reported that vaping helped them to cope with cravings and withdrawal signs and symptoms of smoking, while 92 percent reported reductions in the amount of their smoking after they started to vape, and just 10 percent reported they experienced the need to smoke cigarettes while vaping. Furthermore, out of 2000 former smokers recorded in this survey, 96 percent reported that vaping helped them quit smoking.

Smokers who weren’t planning to quit anytime sooner, when started vaping, with or without nicotine, have shown a drastic decrease in their cigarette consumption and also without showing any significant negative effects.

Comparing to the minimal rate of success for traditional nicotine substitute therapy such as the patch and gum, vaping has proven to be a far more superior therapy.

Also the fact that vaping is far less harmful than smoking, should encourage the smokers to at least try vaping for once as a therapy.

A Greek study on comparison of vaping with regular cigarette smoking says: “Lack of combustion and various chemical composition results in less toxic chemicals produced and absorbed . . . electric cigarettes can be a safer option to cigarettes.”


Vape Pens and E juices

A research paper published on several toxicants and carcinogens in vapor from vaporizers, saying that discovered that the vapors from e-cigarettes contained some quantity of toxins, however the amount is quite low as compared to than in smoke from tobacco . . . they support the concept that switching to vaping as a substitute to smoking cigarettes may substantially reduce the risk of health from tobacco-specific toxicants. They added, vaping can a harm reduction strategy for smokers who are fighting hard to quit.

Another study spoke comparing the results of vaping with smoking tobacco that vaping produces a very small amount of toxins compared to cigarettes. The research confirms that no apparent risk to human health from vaping has been found.


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