Things to Know About Your E-liquids

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If you’re new to vape pens and e-liquids (the flavored solutions mostly nicotine which is often used to fill the electronic cigarette) or need to know much more about how things work then you are in the right place.

what is e juice

What are E-liquids made of?

The primary ingredients in most of the E-liquids presently available on the market are nicotine, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and many different flavors. E liquids are purchased in bottles usually sized in 10ml bottles (samples packs are mostly 5ml), with which the vape pens are filled.


Which E-liquid to start with?

A whole lot of flavored E-liquids are available to meet your preferences and tastes. Flavors such as strawberry, to mint and cola, and various tobacco types as well as chocolate flavored E-liquids are broadly available. As for beginners, it may be a good idea to choose smaller sized bottles when attempting for the first time as you might not be pleased with the flavor. Retailers don’t accept in case you dislike a particular flavor.

You should pick the appropriate strength in addition to flavor when trying out your vape pen. High strength E-liquids usually contain around 18-36mg of nicotine while low strength has 6-11mg. Selecting an amount too strong when unfamiliar with it can make you feel quite sick as well as dizzy, exactly as selecting a really strong tobacco cigarette the very first time. There are also a variety of E-liquids with 0% nicotine readily available for individuals who’ve lowered or even stopped their nicotine intake.


Are E-liquids Safe?

With proper handling and thoroughly following manufacturer instructions there’s no point thinking that E Liquids aren’t safe at all. While no-one has claimed (yet) that vaping E-liquids is healthier than smoking since no authorization has proven it either way it can be assumed that the less nicotine, tobacco and chemicals you are exposed to the less risk you are at. Since E-liquids do produce or contain tar, carbon monoxide, or many chemicals many prefer them.


Tips for using E-liquid

As most products, E-liquids might need shake ups now and then to ensure even distribution of the flavor to make all smokes are as flavorsome as they can be. Make sure that you replace the lids before shaking.

All E-liquids are made of water, flavoring, nicotine along with a base for example PG or VG. While it has some benefits and drawbacks, PG is easily the most popular and it is more often used. To guarantee the most effective E-liquid experience a proper ratio of the mixture which fits your life-style might be precisely what you’ve been searching for to find that “perfect” smoke.

Most agree that darker colored E-liquids are usually those which block the atomizer or leave a residue. When using these E-liquids primarily, clean your vape pen regularly to avoid resulting sticky, blocked and fewer effective devices.

There’s no problem with enjoying more powerful E-liquid flavors for example mints, more powerful fruits or spices for example cinnamon however, these more powerful tastes may linger somewhat within the chamber when the E-liquid is gone. To get rid of the chance of the next E-liquid being contaminated make sure that your clean your vape pen correctly and frequently.


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